About the minidump files

A minidump is a small file (with a .dmp extension) created by MPC-HC when it terminates unexpectedly. This file contains a lot of useful information about the crash. If you want to report a bug and have the corresponding minidump, you should attach it to your report since it can make debugging the issue a lot easier.

Upon crashing MPC-HC will automatically prompt you to upload the minidump. If you need to retrieve a previous minidump press WinKey + R, enter %APPDATA%\MPC-HC and press OK. This will open the folder with all minidumps collected during your usage of MPC-HC. Make sure you attach the right minidump to your ticket, attaching the wrong minidump will prevent us from being able to fix the problem.

All builds we distribute have the minidump feature turned on. Some third party builds may also have this feature enabled, but we usually can't use the minidumps created by such builds since we don't have the corresponding debug information.

If you want to make sure that the minidump file will be usable, it must have been created with a build available from our download page (this includes the nightlybuilds).

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