This guide is meant to help you fix your problems with MPC-HC and to help us help you so please follow this steps before anything else.


Reset MPC-HC settings to defaults:

For the settings stored in the registry you can go to Options -> Miscellaneous and choose Reset or Export
For the settings stored in the mpc-hc.ini or mpc-hc64.ini (for the 64-bit edition) file created next to the executable file, open the mpc-hc.ini or mpc-hc64.ini file and delete everything inside except


* In both cases MPC-HC will recreate the settings entries on the first run.

Hardware overclocking -> reset CPU, RAM, Graphics, Chipset to factory defaults

Graphics card driver settings -> reset to factory defaults

System software requirements:

Windows Update (not required directly but highly recommended)

Graphics card driver

Get the latest driver for your graphics chipset from the manufacturer's website.

Sound card driver

Get the latest driver for your soundcard from the manufacturer's website. Some examples:


Use the DXVA filters only with DXVA compliant files

Download MediaInfo and check to see if the file falls within these limits:

  • ATI: X ref frames, X b frames, X bpyramid, x resolution
  • Intel: X ref frames, X b frames, X bpyramid, x resolution
  • NVIDIA X ref frames, X b frames, X bpyramid, x resolution

NOTE: Interlaced VC-1 is not supported, because FFmpeg does not support it, follow this link for more information.

When using an external VC-1 decoder for VC-1 interlaced material please use EVR CP renderer and Enable Frame Time Correction, but you have to disable this again for all other media.

Check if your graphic card supports bitstream mode and Hardware Deinterlacing

Download DXVAchecker and check the main screen for H264_VLD and VC1_VLD

Use the correct renderer for your windows version

VMR9-Renderless for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003
EVR-Custom presenter for Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10

Make sure audio is set up correctly

Audio channels setup

Spdif/HDMI setup

Make sure you are using the internal splitters and filters

Right clicking on the video select Filters and look at the filters listed there

Extra steps for image corruption and AV sync problems

  • Uncheck View -> Options -> Playback -> "auto-load subtitles"
  • Change the resizer found here View -> Options -> Playback -> Output -> "Resizer" to "nearest neighbor"

If you still experience problems after following these rules please complete and submit a bug report here: How to report issues

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