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Starting from nightly build 5eaf216 MPC-HC now supports skinning of the toolbar buttons (play, pause, etc).
Edit: as of 6b63acceb we now support vector toolbars which will help on higher resolutions.

MPC-HC will look inside its directory for a "toolbar.svg", "toolbar.png" or "toolbar.bmp". If found it will use that instead of the default internal toolbar buttons.

A short how to:

  • First select the height you want your icons to have (between 1 and 32 pixels)
  • Then multiply that height by 15 to determine the total width
  • Each icon itself is as wide as it is high

Bit-depth can be <= 24, in which case RGB(255, 0, 255) is considered transparent or of 32 bit-depth, in which case the alpha channel is used for transparency/gradients. Compression is not supported.

NOTE: If you want to upload your own toolbar images follow the previous naming and packaging scheme.

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