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What is MPC-HC about

What are the minimum requirements

  • An SSE compatible CPU (Athlon-XP(or 2001 or newer Duron) or Pentium 3 and higher, see Wikipedia for more info)
  • Windows XP SP3 or higher
  • For DXVA to work, your video card has to support Full bitstream decoding

How to get and install MPC-HC

  • Nightly builds can be found here: nightlybuilds
    Nightly builds get updated almost every day, and should be considered unstable because they contain experimental code.

How and why to configure MPC-HC

Explanation of all options and settings

Development Guidelines

How to set up a developer environment

How to compile MPC-HC

How to compile standalone parts of MPC-HC

Information about API's used

What to do if you find bugs

How to submit patches

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