IRC Bot Commands

Commands Examples

<vBm> !help
<OBBot> There's several available commands for this bot, please go to our wiki page for more info ->
!trac (ticket_number) (optional if you want link to all tickets)
<vBm> !trac
<OBBot> There are 1440 open tickets on our trac. ( )
<vBm> !trac 694
<OBBot> (#694) "DLL preloading vulnerability" reported by thevbm [Status: closed Bug (fixed)] ->
<vBm> !changelog
<OBBot> Complete changelog for released versions is available on this page ->
<vBm> !changelog master
<OBBot> master changelog is available on this page ->
<vBm> !compare (user:branch)
<OBBot> Please supply branch you wish to compare to. Check our network at
<vBm> !compare kasper93:dvb 
<OBBot> [MPC-HC...kasper93:dvb] Status: Diverged | Total commits: 10, ahead: 10, behind: 31 changed files: 85;  [+1493/-554/±2047]
<OBBot> Compare url:
!gh (optional argument)
<vBm> !gh
<OBBot> SHA is not supplied. Check our repository at
<vBm> !gh 8d07405
<OBBot> [MPC-HC] SHA: 8d07405edec71f601c9fae8cc2874ba1aecbe605 committed by Alex Marsev [+1/-1/±2]
<OBBot> Commit message: "MainFrame: fix undefined behaviour"
!pr (optional argument)
<vBm> !pr
<OBBot> We have 8 open pull requests. Please supply correct number of one you want to check. Check at
<vBm> !pr 133
<OBBot> [MPC-HC] PR#133 (DVB playback experience improvements) by kasper93 | State: Open (created 2 months ago) | Url:
<OBBot> Number of commits: 10 | Changed files: 85 | Comments: 14 | Stats:  [+1493/-554/±2047]
!nightly (both commands show the same page)
<vBm> !beta
<OBBot> Nightly builds are available as well. In order to obtain a copy please visit
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