This guide describes how we suggest to compile MPC-HC. No one is forced to do everything this way, but don't complain if something doesn't build/work otherwise.

How to compile Media Player Classic - Home Cinema

Part A: Preparing the Visual Studio environment

Visual Studio 2015

  1. Install Visual C++ 2015, part of Visual Studio 2015 (any edition will work fine)
  2. Make sure you install all available updates from Microsoft Update
  3. Install the DirectX SDK (June 2010) ->

Part B: Preparing the GCC environment

  • NOTES:
    • If you installed the MSYS/MinGW package in an other directory you will have to use that path in the following steps.
    • If you don't have Git installed then the revision number will be a hard-coded one, like 1.7.10.
  1. Download and extract MSYS_MinGW-w64_GCC_630_x86-x64.7z to C:\MSYS\.
    For the components and their version see here.
  2. OPTIONAL Edit the "fstab" file in C:\MSYS\etc\ to specify your MinGW path.
    C:\MSYS\mingw		\mingw

Note the tab-space between mingw and \mingw

  1. Create a file named "build.user.bat" in "C:\mpc-hc" containing the following entries, adapted for your system:
    REM Git is optional to set if you chose to add it in PATH when installing it
    SET "MPCHC_GIT=C:\Program Files\Git"
    REM Optional, if you plan to modify the translations, install Python 2.7 or set the variable to its path
    SET "MPCHC_PYTHON=C:\Python27"

Part C: Downloading and compiling the MPC-HC source

  1. Use Git to clone MPC-HC's repository to C:\mpc-hc (or anywhere else you like)
    Download Git from


git clone --recursive


git clone

git submodule update --init --recursive

If a submodule update fails, try running:

git submodule foreach --recursive git fetch --tags

then run the update again

git submodule update --init --recursive

Note that you can add -b master to the git clone command if you want to get the latest stable version instead of the latest development version

  1. Open the solution file C:\mpc-hc\mpc-hc.sln
    Change the solution's configuration to "Release" (in the toolbar).
  2. Press F7 to build the solution.
  3. You now have mpc-hc.exe under C:\mpc-hc\bin\mpc-hc_x86
  4. Open the solution file C:\mpc-hc\mpciconlib.sln
  5. Press F7 to build the solution.
  6. You now have mpciconlib.dll under C:\mpc-hc\bin\mpc-hc_x86
  7. Open the solution file C:\mpc-hc\mpcresources.sln
    Build "BuildAll" project
  8. You now have mpcresources.XX.dll under C:\mpc-hc\bin\mpc-hc_x86\Lang

Alternatively, you can use build.bat which can build everything for you (run: build.bat help for more info)

Part D: Building the installer

Download Inno Setup Unicode v5.5.9 or newer.
Install everything and then go to C:\mpc-hc\distrib, open mpc-hc_setup.iss with Inno Setup, read the first comments in the script and compile it.


  • build.bat can build the installer by using the installer or the packages switch.
  • Use Inno Setup's built-in IDE if you want to edit the iss file.
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