Tips on how to write a report

1. How can we reproduce the bug?

We need to know exactly how to reproduce the bug, step by step, in as much detail as possible. If we cannot reproduce the bug we will not be able to fix it! This includes one of the files you used when seeing the bug in the first place, so please make sure you upload a sample for us.

Remember to use a build that is officially supported: it can be either a stable release or a nightly build.

We also need to know your system information.

2. What did you expect to see?

By telling us exactly what you were expecting to see, we can make sure we fully understand your bug and not accidentally work on the wrong thing. If you can provide screenshots that would be great! Since most bugs are things that were working in an earlier version, please let us know the last version you know this was working in.

3. What did you see instead?

Once again, we need to know exactly what you saw. At the very least please provide a description - ideally include screenshots, exact error message text, minidumps if available... anything that can help make sure we fully understand your problem

That's it!

Now you have all the information we will need to fix a bug.

Your ticket will pass through several phases before being closed:

New: No one has touched this ticket yet

Evaluated: A developer is investigating the issue and has reached one of the following conclusions:

  • Need info: We have been unable to find the issue and need more information
  • Reproduced: We were able to follow your instructions and confirm that the problem occurs
  • Diagnosed: We were able to pinpoint the exact cause

Accepted: A developer is working to fix the issue

Review: Someone was able to provide a fix for the problem and it is being reviewed by a developer

Solved: The fix has been confirmed and was committed to the repository

Closed: The ticket is closed, if the problem was not fixed it may be reopened

The status of your ticket will be visible next to the ticket number and the evaluation status in the "Evaluation" section.

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