Reporting a bug

When you find a possible bug, it's important that it gets added to the issue tracker so everyone will be able to see it and provide extra information or a fix for it. Please also add a detailed description of what you did before the problem occurred.

Reporting a bug is a simple process:

  1. Create a new account or login to your existing one.
  1. Please use the search function to check if someone has already opened a ticket for it. If they have, please add a comment with any extra information you have. The more different descriptions, the higher the chances of us being able to fix it.
  1. If a ticket for the problem does not exist yet, you can submit a new ticket. You can find tips on what to write in your ticket on the Tips on how to write a report page.
  1. Add a detailed description of the problem (what do you see, what did you expect) to the ticket and attach any samples and screenshots you have of the problem, those files will help us a lot in fixing the problem.

Now that you've reported the bug, keep an eye on your e-mail, we need to be able to contact you with questions if we cannot reproduce your problem. The bug tracker will notify you of any updates to your ticket.

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