v1.7.1 - 17 November 2013

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  • New:
    • Ticket #2655, Internal filters: Support WMV/ASF/DVR-MS splitting
    • Ticket #3548, Add British English translation
    • Ticket #3590, Internal filters: Support for HEVC and VP9
    • Ticket #3605, Support playlists using UTF8 encoding without BOM
    • Ticket #3643, Add Slovenian translation
  • Changed:
    • Ticket #3569/#3679/#3680, Disable internal WMV/ASF/DVR-MS splitting and WMV decoding by default since Microsoft filters are generally more stable
  • Updated:
    • LAV Filters to
      • Ticket #3576, LAV Video: Support H264 Annex B format in MP4 files
      • Ticket #3601, LAV Video: Fix a crash with DXVA on AMD cards when stopping playback
      • Ticket #3676, LAV Audio: Fix a crash when using old versions of the ArcSoft DTS Decoder to handle DTS decoding internally
      • Ticket #3688, LAV Audio: Fix a freeze when changing the bitstreaming settings when paused
    • VirtualDub to v1.10.4
    • Unrar to v5.0.0.12
    • Little CMS to v2.6b (git 69ecafd)
    • French, German, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil) and Simplified Chinese translations
  • Fixed:
    • DVD: The chapter marks could be wrong for some titles
    • Ticket #1478, Slightly improve the precision of the frame number in the “Go To” dialog. The frame number was sometimes off by 1. This was easily noticeable when doing frame-stepping
    • Ticket #1555, Use elapsed/remaining time for the chapter change OSD depending on what is selected for the time display. Also prevent the OSD from blinking when changing the chapter
    • Ticket #3518:trac:, Improve the reliability of the [DXVA] indicator in the status bar. Sometimes the indicator wasn’t shown when hardware acceleration was used
    • Ticket #3523/#3533/#3551, Improve the stability of MPC-HC on buggy systems
    • Ticket #3530, Internal LAV Splitter: the advanced subtitle selection modes were ignored
    • Ticket #3564, If “Keep history of recently opened file” option was enabled, MPC-HC crashed when opening very long URLs
    • Ticket #3672, “Output” property page: “Shader” and “Rotation” were sometimes wrongly displayed as unavailable for “Sync renderer”
    • Ticket #3702, External audio was not synced on open if restarting from the last remembered position
    • Ticket #3720, DVB: Obey the Auto-zoom option when opening a channel
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