v1.6.8 - 15 June 2013

Link to Milestone (download links included)

  • New:
    • DVB: Show the parental rating and the content type within the EPG information when available
    • Ticket #2872, Add support for DVB-T2 and improve channel switching (new options are available to have a finer control on switching process)
    • Ticket #3179, DVB: Support EPG information for Freeview broadcast (UK DVB-T2)
  • Changed:
    • Audio Switcher improvements:
      • Ticket #1936, Improve the normalization algorithm to avoid huge volume variations
      • Use percentage for the boost setting since it is easier to understand for most people
      • Add a setting to change the max normalization factor and use a default max normalization factor of 4 instead of 10
    • Ticket #2567, New About dialog with more detailed information and a “Copy to clipboard” feature to ease support
  • Updated:
    • Little CMS to v2.5-rc1
    • zlib to v1.2.8
    • Unrar to v5.0.6
    • MediaInfoLib to v0.7.63
    • ZenLib to v0.4.29
    • Basque, Czech, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified / Traditional Chinese, Turkish and Ukrainian translations
  • Fixed:
    • PGS and DVB subtitles: Fix missing subtitles after resizing the window when using the subpicture queue
    • Open dialog: if a URL was previously enterer in the “Open” or “Dub” fields an error message was shown when clicking the “Browse” button
    • Vobsub files with language/title in their filenames weren’t auto-loaded
    • Fix a memory leak: the memory consumption would increase noticeably until the file was closed when the file had chapters and the chapter marks on seekbar were enabled
    • Capture mode: Fix reseting the renderer. When reseting the renderer in capture mode playback was stopped and never restarted
    • Ticket #3110, DVB: Improve compatibility with some drivers for which MPC-HC failed to find any channel during the channel scan
    • Ticket #3113, MPC-HC was sometimes slow to close (audio kept playing for a few seconds)
    • Ticket #3175, DVB: Changing the channel was exiting fullscreen or maximized mode
    • Ticket #3176, EVR renderers: Fix high CPU and memory usage when switching the user account
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