v1.6.7 - 25 April 2013

Link to Milestone (download links included)

  • New:
    • DVB capture: Improve channel switching
    • Subtitle downloader improvements:
      • Ticket #2144, Sort by language and then by filename by default. Subtitles matching a language set as preferred in the options are now displayed first in the result list
      • Ticket #2926, Double-clicking or pressing the “Enter” key will download the selected subtitle(s)
    • Ticket #2837, New INI parser: the accesses are now cached for faster settings loading/saving. Using the INI file should now be as fast as using the registry
    • Ticket #2987, Playlist improvements:
      • Scroll and select the first newly added item
      • Put MPC-HC on top and give the focus to the playlist after a drag and drop
  • Changed:
    • Ticket #2689, Replace “On top -> Never” by “On top -> Default”. In most of the cases “On top -> Default” will have the exact same behavior than “On top -> Never” but it won’t try to override the “On top” flag if an external tool sets it
    • Ticket #3049, Re-enable VSync by default for Windows XP users
  • Updated:
    • Little CMS to v2.5 (git cde00fd)
    • VirtualDub to v1.10.4-test6
    • Basque, Catalan, Czech, French, German, Greek, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Turkish and Ukrainian translations
  • Fixed:
    • Fix a crash when VMR-7 (renderless) renderer failed to load
    • SSA subtitles rendering: Improve error checking to avoid possible crashes when the SSA script was using obviously wrong values
    • Ticket #1392, DVD subtitles: Improve rendering in case of overlapping. Ensure that both subtitles will be shown.
    • Ticket #2991, Fix loading of MicroDVD subtitles
    • Ticket #3001, “After Playback”: Always give “Once” events a higher priority than “Always” events
    • Ticket #3023, “File -> Load Subtitle” didn’t work anymore for DVD
    • Ticket #3045, Go to dialog: Fix frame rate detection for DVDs
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