v1.1.0.0 - 6 March 2008

  • NEW:
    • Custom presenter now support DXVA2, and display hardware acceleration mode in Jitter test information
    • Internal video decoder based on FFmpeg for Flash video (FLV4, VP5, VP6), AMV, MPEG4, SQV, Theora, VC1, XVID, and DivX
    • Internal video decoder H.264 with DXVA 1 acceleration (using VMR9 or overlay on XP) and DXVA2 (using EVR on Vista)
    • Korean translation
    • FAAD library updated to 2.6
    • Standalone filter renamed to be prefixed by "MPC - xxx"
    • CSS classes added in WebServer (request #1885296)
  • FIXED:
    • Incorrect colors on video when using YUV mixing and "VMR Color controls"
    • PN31 driver installation was not working
    • MPC-HC graph manager now use the same filter priority as WMP and GraphEdit (clsid's patch)
    • MPC-HC is now recognized as an application by SUMo
    • Ghost horizontal and vertical lines with Pixel Shader resizer (especially on ATI graphics card)
    • Crash in FLV splitter with file containing 0 bytes packets
    • Button "Video" in format property page didn't select images anymore
    • No sound in some FLV video with Nellymoser audio track
    • Multimedia keys (mute, vol+-, ...) was captured by MPC-HC even if option "global media keys" was off
    • YUV mixing is now disable with Vista (not supported by Vista VMR9, and cause black screen)
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