v1.0.9.0 - 14 July 2007

  • NEW:
    • Exit Option in popup menu
    • OSD improved for EVR Custom Presenter
  • FIXED:
    • EVR Custom Presenter rendering thread stability
    • EVR Custom Presenter doesn't need mfplat.dll anymore (the dll is installed with WMP 11)
    • Use same registry key like original Gabest Media Player Classic
    • Freeze when playing audio only file with EVR Custom Presenter
    • Wrong Aspect Ratio with anamorphic video using EVR Custom Presenter
    • When Video pause, frame stepping with EVR Custom Presenter started video playback at normal speed
    • Save thumbnail with EVR Custom Presenter froze MPC-HC
    • FLV splitter did not read width and height out of metadata (thanks to Chobits for this fix)
    • If more than one subtitle text rows shown, the background ("Outline" color) vertically overlapped the other one
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