v1.0.11.0 - 14 October 2007

  • NEW:
    • Command Line Option "/dubdelay" applies a positive or negative audio delay of ???ms, if filename contains "DELAY ???ms" (internal Audio Switcher required)
    • Russian, Turkish, Czech, Spanish and Hungarian translations
    • Internal AVI splitter support AMV files (need an ffdshow update to decode)
    • File type association. MPC-HC is now recognized as a registered media player application. File type registration now compatible with UAC (Vista)
    • Matroska internal subtitles are not loaded if "auto-load subtitles" option is off
    • Allow DirectShow to use a disabled internal source and transform filters when no other suitable filter is available
  • FIXED:
    • Subtitle popup menu not working in French
    • "Remember file position" option is not working properly in playlist mode
    • Crash when opening "Navigation" menu while playing DVD (German locale only)
    • Memory leak with window resize
    • Many GUI related things
    • Crash when opening zero byte length MP3 files
    • Crash when using "Save thumbnails" with number of row or column greater than 8 (now internally limited to 8)
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