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22:11 Changeset [847313]appveyordevelop by xhmikosr
Move old changelog entries to Changelog_old.txt.
22:11 Changeset [222e4d]appveyordevelop by xhmikosr
docs/Compilation.txt: update for GCC 5.3.0.
21:18 Ticket #5693 (VSFilter crash with VS2015 build) closed by kasper93
fixed: In 101337: […]
21:13 Changeset [101337]appveyordevelop by kasper93
VSFilter: Disable thread-safe static initialization due to crashes on …
21:13 Changeset [04f914f]appveyordevelop by slydiman
Changed the Subtitles library timestamp to REFERENCE_TIME. Resolves #157.
21:13 Changeset [768298d]appveyordevelop by kasper93
DSUtil: Add branchless signum function template.
21:13 Changeset [c43b10]appveyordevelop by kasper93
PlayerSubresyncBar: Remove stray declarations
21:13 Changeset [727dad]appveyordevelop by kasper93
Suppress warning C4477. We have static_assert to check size.
21:13 Changeset [a84dc9]appveyordevelop by kasper93
Use array instead of vector. Also do some cosmetic changes. This …
21:13 Changeset [f2a8e1]appveyordevelop by kasper93
MediaInfoLib: Do not compile files that are not needed.
19:35 Changeset [73eaf9]appveyordevelop by Translators <translators@…>
Update translations from Transifex: - Belarusian - Bengali - …
19:03 Changeset [54f010]appveyordevelop by Underground78 <underground78@…>
Installer: Update Thai translation.
19:03 Changeset [04ccc9]appveyordevelop by Underground78 <underground78@…>
Updated LAV Filters to 0.67-34-2160382 (custom build based on …
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