17:30 Ticket #663 (Go To time improperly parsed) closed by kasper93
fixed: In 0a2d37da37369c3bfa8c1a044821e5c86d0ba94e (r4584) masked edit was …
15:59 Changeset [0ff05d]appveyordevelop by Underground78 <underground78@…>
Cosmetic: fix typo "lenght" instead of "length".
15:39 Changeset [5a92fc]appveyordevelop by Underground78 <underground78@…>
DVB EPG: Some strings weren't correctly displayed in some cases. …
14:06 Changeset [0615b1]appveyordevelop by Underground78 <underground78@…>
Fix: Play > Subtitles menu sometimes showed the wrong track as …
14:06 Changeset [771e81]appveyordevelop by Underground78 <underground78@…>
Improve the OSD when using VMR-9 (windowed) renderer.
12:48 Ticket #2906 (REQ: MPC-Webserver URL opening?) created by Jonathan van Rijn
Is it possible to add a URL opening HTTP POST message so i can open …
11:44 To-Do edited by xhmikosr
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11:26 Troubleshooting_guidelines edited by xhmikosr
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11:08 nightlybuilds edited by xhmikosr
update link to src (diff)
11:04 nightlybuilds edited by Underground78
Make clear that ICL builds aren't supported (diff)
04:50 Ticket #1849 ([GUI] Ticket #791 is invalid) closed by xhmikosr
04:43 Ticket #131 (Get a sign certificate) closed by xhmikosr
fixed: Nightly builds after (fceef5c) are signed.
00:30 Ticket #2905 (MPC-HC does not seem to pass through DTS-HD) created by Djon_
Hello, MPC-HC. is running on a Windows 7 PC …


22:55 Changeset [fceef5]appveyordevelop by Justin Ruggles <justin.ruggles@…>
lavr: fix mixing matrix reduction when normalization is disabled In …
22:18 Ticket #2904 (Shader code for LCD monitors) closed by thevbm
support: That shader was added in …
22:03 Ticket #2904 (Shader code for LCD monitors) created by Omicron
Hi! https://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/mpc-hc/ticket/2828 If you …
20:14 Changeset [e70c07]appveyordevelop by Underground78 <underground78@…>
Fix compilation issue with ASCII mplayerc.rc. Some people had issues …
18:43 Changeset [cb0122]appveyordevelop by XhmikosR <xhmikosr@…>
installer: include the Romanian translation
18:37 Changeset [cd4874]appveyordevelop by kasper93
Improve sign support for the binaries
18:37 Changeset [3aaaa7]appveyordevelop by XhmikosR <xhmikosr@…>
Add sign support for the binaries
15:10 Ticket #2903 (external audio track) created by Александр
I would like to automatically play Russian audio track, but when …
14:59 Ticket #2902 (Error when saving dvb channels) created by Xavier Portell
After scanning for DVB channels, when I proceed to save them, the old …
13:52 Ticket #2901 (Audio channel mapping by input format) created by Frasier Crane
Hi! It would be great if the audio mixer would offer a way to map …
13:34 Ticket #2900 (Incorrect subtitle and audio selection in MKVs ("Default" flag ignored)) created by Frasier Crane
Hi! Unfortunately, the handling of the default tracks when playing …


20:09 Changeset [b67638]appveyordevelop by XhmikosR <xhmikosr@…>
Release.txt: fix typo
20:03 Changeset [e4699fb]appveyordevelop by XhmikosR <xhmikosr@…>
refactor Authors.txt
20:03 Changeset [6432ad]appveyordevelop by XhmikosR <xhmikosr@…>
update ffmpeg (n0.8-18760-g4e2c636)
20:03 Changeset [227ce3]appveyordevelop by XhmikosR <xhmikosr@…>
update Inno Setup's Slovak translation
20:03 Changeset [9f869f]appveyordevelop by XhmikosR <xhmikosr@…>
update docs
20:03 Changeset [038542]appveyordevelop by XhmikosR <xhmikosr@…>
use try catch directly instead of the AFX macros
19:34 Changeset [d10855]appveyordevelop by v0lt <v0lt@…>
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