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2016-10-20: Today

17:37 Ticket #5934 (After Playback - Exit) created by Frode
Dear sir/ms: I have found your product most superior to others of its …
07:42 Ticket #5909 ( support) closed by thevbm

2016-10-19: Yesterday

18:03 Ticket #5933 (Fast Playback speed with fractions Problem) created by omar_bakly95
In faster playback speeds with fractions as 1.25 and 1.50 I have …


20:10 Ticket #5873 (Maybe missing ":ss") closed by kasper93
fixed: In bca61c: […]
20:10 Ticket #5920 (My old vers. and your new one will not play the pilot episode of ...) closed by kasper93
fixed: In b4ffb4: […]
19:52 Changeset [903092]develop by kasper93
Some minor fixes for cppcheck. - Remove debug code - Change ctor …
19:51 Changeset [bca61c]develop by kasper93
Fix too long line in command line help. Fixes #5873
19:48 Changeset [b4ffb4]develop by kasper93
Updated LAV Filters to 0.68.1-37-4f12fa3 (custom build based on …
19:47 Changeset [d15ccb]develop by kasper93
Update mvrInterfaces.h and SubRenderIntf.h headers.
19:47 Changeset [1fbee0]develop by kasper93
Update translations from Transifex: - Basque - Bosnian (Bosnia and …
19:29 Changeset [e6a3153]develop by xhmikosr
Remove unused variables and assignment.
19:29 Changeset [b84dae]develop by xhmikosr
Update MediaInfoLib to v0.7.89.
19:29 Changeset [4c94b9]develop by xhmikosr
docs/Compilation.txt: update for GCC 6.2.0.
19:29 Changeset [56afe0]develop by xhmikosr
Update contrib/mpc-hc.cppcheck.
19:29 Changeset [57e923]develop by xhmikosr
Update unrar to v5.4.5.
19:29 Changeset [efa401]develop by xhmikosr
Update Little CMS to v2.8.
19:29 Changeset [07a045]develop by xhmikosr
web/*.png: lossless compression. Used zopfli with `zopflipng.exe -m …
11:20 Ticket #5932 (remember position more often) created by Xuefer
sometime mpc-hc crash or hang (by plugin/filter), i have to let it …


10:52 Ticket #5931 (add mft support to external filters.) created by user9999A
would it be possible to add the ability to use Windows Media …
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