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2015-07-28: Today

15:23 Ticket #5543 (Enable Improved Accessiblity by the Hearing-Impaired via the Display ...) created by TtmlSupportNow
(This ticket applies to the presentation/display of a locally stored, …

2015-07-27: Yesterday

22:47 Ticket #5542 (Arrow Up/Down - moving volume - No Tooltip) created by Stamimail
The volume is moving but there is no tooltip about the precentage, as …
18:08 Ticket #5409 (Freeze when exiting with Esc key) closed by underground78
support: Ok then, I think there is nothing more we can do.
08:14 Changeset [f64b40]develop by xhmikosr
Revert "Update Little CMS to v2.7 (git 07da965)." This reverts commit …


23:45 Ticket #5541 (Crash when using any file save dialogue) created by JouMxyzptlk
I have this effect since about 1.7.x, and still with 1.7.9: Playing …
23:24 Ticket #5540 (Ultra HD OSD + subtitle frameskip) created by JouMxyzptlk
Since I finally run on real Ultra HD and not fake-downsample as before …
20:21 Ticket #5537 (Some strings is not needed) closed by Underground78 <underground78@…
fixed: In 2aaf763: […]
20:17 Changeset [2aaf763]develop by Underground78 <underground78@…>
Resource files: Remove some unneeded strings. Fixes #5537.
20:17 Changeset [06eb08]develop by Translators <translators@…>
Update translations from Transifex: - Basque - Chinese (simplified) …
19:11 Ticket #5534 (Nightly No sound after doubleclick on D3D-mode to get to ...) closed by kasper93
18:06 Changeset [165b7f]develop by kasper93
Add sample queue lock. Sometimes wrong samples were added to the list.
18:06 Changeset [7f8c2c]develop by kasper93
Set focus to video window after exiting D3D mode. This should fix …
12:36 Changeset [d06e95]develop by xhmikosr
PPageAudioRenderer.cpp: Initialize variables.
12:28 Changeset [cd08b6]develop by xhmikosr
Update Little CMS to v2.7 (git 07da965).
11:54 Ticket #5535 (Heading for the comment of the Intenal Audio Renderer) closed by alexmarsev
fixed: In 54da29: […]
11:15 Changeset [54da29]develop by alexmarsev
Add "Note" heading to PPageAudioRenderer Fixes #5535 Refs #5484
11:15 Changeset [4e48e2]develop by alexmarsev
Update Changelog.txt Refs #3356
11:00 Ticket #5539 ([feature request] Add selection of view preset to Command Line Switches) created by cm_oj
MPC includes functionality to control the level of window decoration …
09:47 Ticket #5538 (A-B repeat/loop?) created by Double
I recently made the switch from VLC, and miss not being able to loop a …
03:48 Changeset [2fba99]develop by nevcairiel
Set Per-Monitor DPI Awareness The DPI setting in the project file …
03:48 Changeset [3adf1ec]develop by alexmarsev
Fix overlapping in PPageAudioRenderer Refs #5484
00:40 Ticket #5536 (Bink Video MediaInfo support) closed by underground78
wontfix: Since MediaInfo lacks Bink support there is nothing we can do.


16:27 Ticket #5537 (Some strings is not needed) created by ever_green
I have cared about some strings at Transifex for a long time. The …
14:46 Ticket #5536 (Bink Video MediaInfo support) created by magda2012
MediaInfo supports Bink Video, but MPC doesn't support it. Please …
13:50 Ticket #2120 (Command Line Switches Message Box is too big) closed by underground78
duplicate: Duplicate of #1663 which has been fixed already.
13:38 Ticket #5535 (Heading for the comment of the Intenal Audio Renderer) created by LuanMax
How about a heading for the comment under "Internal Filters" > "Audio …
13:20 Ticket #5534 (Nightly No sound after doubleclick on D3D-mode to get to ...) created by Klaus1189
There is no sound after doubleclick on D3D-mode to get to window mode. …
12:17 Ticket #5533 (MPC crashes when I try to access MainConcept Layer II Audio Decoder options) created by magda2012
Crashes When I try to access MainConcept Layer II Audio Decoder …
12:07 Ticket #5532 (OpenGL renderer) created by magda2012
Nowadays, most video players support OpenGL renderer like: VLC, …
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