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2015-07-31: Today

19:45 Ticket #5552 (Artifacts when starting video) created by bec_de_xorbin
After update to Windows 10, every video has about half second (or …
18:08 Ticket #5551 (Playlist Problem with non-asci characters or unicode (like : persian , ...) created by web2web
Hello. In MPC 1.7.9 (& older versions) Incompatibility playlist With …
15:16 Ticket #5550 (Internal audio renderer + USB asynchronous dac) created by darkmic
The internal audio renderer does not work with my asynchronous USB dac …
13:32 Ticket #5549 (Flip picture Vertical or Horizontally) created by ABBrittain
It would be good to have a simple method to be able to flip the …
06:40 Ticket #5548 (i sent u a copy of the clip board i upgraded to win10 today and now ur ...) created by n0th1ng81
MPC-HC (64-bit) --------------- Build information: Version: …

2015-07-30: Yesterday

14:20 Ticket #5547 (D3D FS focus bug) created by Aleksoid1978
If D3D FS window set to different monitor with main window - then …
13:44 Ticket #5546 (Status bar font too small) closed by alexmarsev
fixed: Will be fixed in the next nightly.
13:37 Ticket #5546 (Status bar font too small) created by aarv_lo
Status bar font is too small in new nightly build
11:49 Changeset [07026c]develop by alexmarsev
Fix construction order oversight
07:42 Ticket #5545 (Menu/Settings corruption) created by edwardzc
Menu gets corrupted text after opening a certain video Only able to …


23:03 Ticket #4086 (LCD DISPLAY) closed by Underground78 <underground78@…
fixed: In 32432b: […]
21:57 Changeset [034eee]develop by Underground78 <underground78@…>
Internal audio renderer: Minor wording change. Replace "sound …
21:57 Changeset [32432b]develop by Underground78 <underground78@…>
Logitech LCD: Correctly initialize the volume at start-up. Fixes #4086.
21:57 Changeset [9de96f2]develop by Translators <translators@…>
Update translations from Transifex: - Basque - Chinese (simplified) …
19:10 Changeset [b925f8]develop by Underground78 <underground78@…>
Updated LAV Filters to 0.65-39-c1779f8 (custom build based on …
14:22 Ticket #5544 (Intenal Audio Renderer setting page) created by ever_green
I think "WASAPI" and "Shared mode" strings are needed in the Intenal …
06:13 Changeset [2e378a]develop by alexmarsev
Initial support for per-monitor dpi Refs #3356


15:23 Ticket #5543 (Enable Improved Accessiblity by the Hearing-Impaired via the Display ...) created by TtmlSupportNow
(This ticket applies to the presentation/display of a locally stored, …
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