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2016-10-22: Today

13:55 Ticket #5939 (Cannot import settings from to 1.7.10) created by ZZZewor
It seems that I cannot simply copy the "mpc-hc.ini" file from my old …
13:53 Ticket #5938 (Middle Single Click Button) created by ZZZewor
Why is there a "MiddleDblClk" key, but there is none for a single …
13:51 Ticket #5937 (Wheelmouse Jump Backward works randomly) created by ZZZewor
There are three Commands concerning Jump Backward: small, medium, …

2016-10-21: Yesterday

15:16 Ticket #5936 (Feature request: Use MusicBrainz for improved Cover Art) created by iantresman
When album cover art is not available, why not use the free …
13:58 Ticket #5935 (Low Sound when open a video) created by DemonSouLz
When I open a video files (mostly MKV), the sound become very very …


17:37 Ticket #5934 (After Playback - Exit) created by Frode
Dear sir/ms: I have found your product most superior to others of its …
07:42 Ticket #5909 ( support) closed by thevbm


18:03 Ticket #5933 (Fast Playback speed with fractions Problem) created by omar_bakly95
In faster playback speeds with fractions as 1.25 and 1.50 I have …
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