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2017-03-27: Today

04:06 Ticket #6106 (Cryptic, technical error when no audio output exists) created by cosmotic
When no audio output is available (for example, headphones and …

2017-03-26: Yesterday

16:51 Ticket #6105 (installed Windows 10 on a new SSD - MPC keeps crashing) closed by clsid2
16:03 Ticket #4097 (Command line minimal view) closed by thevbm
duplicate: Closing as duplicate in favor of #5539
15:53 Ticket #5883 (2nd and/or 3rd subtitle) closed by thevbm
duplicate: This is a duplicate of #251
15:31 Ticket #6043 (Please support Chromecast) closed by thevbm
duplicate: Closed as duplicate of #5989
15:16 Ticket #5979 (Red line in playback) closed by thevbm
15:07 Ticket #6034 (Increase audio buffer when using TV Tuner - choppy audio) closed by thevbm
duplicate: Duplicate of #6035
14:54 Ticket #6021 (VMR 7 and subtitles not working on 4k resolution) closed by thevbm
14:53 Ticket #6039 (Please help me analyze MPC-HC.dmp..) closed by thevbm
invalid: Officially only last stable and nightly builds are supported. Plus …
14:30 Ticket #6079 (Chinese Subtitle Display Problem) closed by thevbm
duplicate: Duplicate of #6078
14:28 Ticket #6096 (Can't play MIDI files any more.) closed by thevbm
14:24 Ticket #6095 (Why don't make automatic ..) closed by thevbm
duplicate: Duplicate of #6094


22:06 Ticket #6105 (installed Windows 10 on a new SSD - MPC keeps crashing) created by jonathanSD
Hi all, I did a search and could not find this specific issue in your …
17:40 Ticket #6104 (Sluggish 4K HEVC 10 bit playback in MPC HC) created by scrapmac
Hi, After going through various decoder related forums and not …
17:21 Ticket #6103 (Keyboard friendly subtitle download (worked in 1.7.10)) created by mtosic
In previous versions of MPC-HC (including 1.7.10) I had following …
16:34 Ticket #6102 (change audio frequency) created by Kokujou
i want to change the audio frequency. i don't mean an equalizer, i …


22:38 Ticket #6101 (Access violation error for all music except downloaded album) created by paullam292
I have used MPC for a long time and has very little issue. Lately it …
09:48 Ticket #6100 (Emailing: mpc-hc.exe.1.7.7) closed by thevbm
invalid: Please upgrade to latest stable. …
09:46 Ticket #6098 (Player crashes trying to play WMV leaving tons of running sendrpt.exe ...) closed by thevbm
support: Closing as support.
09:46 Ticket #6086 (Crash with no crash report, multiple sendrpt.exe. processes running) closed by thevbm
support: Closing as support.
09:44 Ticket #6100 (Emailing: mpc-hc.exe.1.7.7) created by baconbob
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