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MPC-HC requesting direct x update

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hi, I got the following message

"Warning: Creating EVR Custom Renderer .... The installed DirectX End-User Runtime is outdated. Please download and install the June 2010 release or newer in order for MPC-HC to function properly."

I have windows 7 and have directx 11 as default. windows keeps this one up to date as it is the latest version.
the web updater for directx does not seem to work properly and it is rather tricky to actually update this manually, do you think you could change this so that it either does not use an old unsupported version of directx or so that the MPC-HC installer provides the necessary update.

it has taken me 2 hours to get this set up and i fear there will be people less able than I, that simply will not be able to get this to work.

thank you.

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You obviously have no idea how DirectX works.
As a short summary:

Yes, MPC-HC uses DX9.
No, DX9 is not out-dated. The functionality in DX9 has not been replaced by DX10/11, they just added NEW features in there.

No, windows does not keep DX updated. It only installs security patches. If you need a new DX module which doesn't come with Windows, you need to install it yourself.
Games usually coem with a DX installer, but the thing is rather huge and can't be bundled with MPC-HC.

If MPC-HC tells you to update DX, why does it take you 2 hours to do so?
I don't get it.

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