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Enhance the usability of Keys Options

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I have several suggestions (excuse my poor English):

  1. Group commands.
  2. Show most frequently used commands (play/stop, jump backward/forward, full-screen/window, volume up/down) at the top of a group or in a separate group (e.g. main).
  3. Make local, global and remote shortcut editors more usable. Combo-box with a hundred items is a bad idea.
  4. When you select the shortcut that already set to another command, reset shortcut for that another command silently or show confirmation dialog.
  5. It is not critical, but who need ascii-type shortcuts?
  6. Maybe RepCnt should set for all commands?
  7. Make ID column the last one. And same question - who need this column?

By the way, many people who I know turn away from MPC because they find default key/mouse settings awkward and the way to change them too complicated. I agree with them, but even so I still use your player :)

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From #1286:

Replying to mrdudeman:

Why does MPC use the virtual key codes as the names of the keys instead of the keyboard names? These VK_names are confusing and unhelpful and some of them don't even have a description, they're just called "undefined". Why can't you use the keyboard names and/or add key detection so you can change the key by pressing the key you want? Also, it doesn't warn you when you have two commands with the same key.

This issue should have been fixed a long time ago. Why leave it so user-unfriendly?

comment:2 Changed 6 years ago by Underground78

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From #1639:

Replying to stevebunsr:

In options when you set the key for a command, choosing from a very long menu list is annoying, especially for non-obvious keys such as "[" or "=".

It would be better if you could just press the key you want assigned to command. And if there is more than one possible keycode, present a list that you could choose from.

comment:3 Changed 6 years ago by word304

I understand how difficult instilling a functioning (and reliable) keystroke detection would be, thus I won't ask for it.
However, I will request that more info (or links to info) be clearer.
Don't care if it's adding info to the help menu, or posting a web link at the bottom of the shortcut config screen, or whatever.

It took me over 60 min reading/searching just to:
1st:Decipher that the list of values for "Keys" shortcuts were in the format called "Virtual Key Codes", and then.....
2nd-Search and find a source to determine/translate what key codes went with what keystrokes I wanted to use.
NONE of the info came from Sourceforge's support/help tools.
-Finding out that possible keystroke values were in "Virtual Key Code" format resulted from randomly typing names of different possible keystroke values into google.
-The actual "Virtual Key Code" list came from a Google search which lead to:

My point is that for an issue I imagine is semi-common amongst users, trying all the "usual"/"normal"/"official" troubleshooting methods (e.g. MPC's help menu / Sourceforge's online support tools / Online FAQ's / etc.) was of no help.
I'm not really making a new feature request. I'm just asking for info (specifically abt MPC's keyboard shortcuts) be more upfront/easier for to users locate.
If said requiested info managed to explain things in a more clear fashion making it easier to understand, that'd be great too. (but I wouldn't actually expect it.)

comment:4 Changed 4 years ago by Anton Malov

I want to add additional vote for 4th clause of this request. There is still exists a possibility to map single key for several commands and I think this should be fixed.

comment:5 Changed 4 years ago by owyn tyler

+1 to 4th clause. Duplicated it accidently

comment:6 Changed 4 weeks ago by clsid2

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