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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#5393 Poor quality subtitle scaling with the ISR Subtitles nightly, specify Bug kasper93 accepted 2015-04-20
#5642 Windows 8 explorer context menu interactions with shortcuts General 1.7.7 Bug alexmarsev assigned 2015-10-08
#5665 weired sound only over digital output Internal Filters 1.7.9 Bug alexmarsev assigned 2015-11-12
#5768 Exiting fullscreen when "Use autochange fullscreen monitor mode" will cause MPC-HC window to be almost maximized. General 1.7.10 Bug kasper93 assigned 2016-02-19
#5838 RTL sentences lacks directionality Subtitles 1.7.10 Bug kasper93 accepted 2016-05-10
#5253 ASIO support Internal Filters 1.7.8 Feature Request alexmarsev assigned 2015-02-01
#5494 Add MXF in file extensions list General 1.7.9 Feature Request alexmarsev assigned 2015-06-27
#5675 Internal Audio Renderer - Disable "Keep Pitch" on Speed Up/Down Internal Filters 1.7.10 Feature Request alexmarsev assigned 2015-11-18
#5729 Improve Gaussian blur implementation. Subtitles Task kasper93 new 2016-01-17
#26 [RAW] ASX Parser General 1.3.1249 Bug assigned 2009-10-29
#30 [MPEG] Video is mistaken for audio General Bug assigned 2009-10-29
#65 [ALL] Enabling subtitles causes stuttering General Bug evaluated 2009-11-13
#83 [DVD navigator] DVD menu highlighting not present General Bug evaluated 2009-11-13
#86 [DVD navigator] EVR-CP DVD Menu Lag / Freezes General Bug evaluated 2009-11-13
#108 [MPEG] vob skip + audio out of sync at cell junction General Bug assigned 2009-11-13
#110 [VMR] Enabling Mixer mode causes frames to be disarranged General Bug evaluated 2009-11-13
#114 [DVD navigator] DVD Menus with next/previous (THX Optimizer) General Bug evaluated 2009-11-13
#119 [External] basevideofilter changes in r339 and r1096 break Vertical Padding Option General Bug new 2009-11-13
#121 [DVD navigator] Button for "DVD Menu Activate" on keyboard failes to work General Bug evaluated 2009-11-13
#364 Media Player Classic - Home Cinema and SRS Sandbox General Bug new 2010-03-18
#436 Navigation jump bug! General 1.3.1249 Bug new 2010-04-18
#482 HDMI Audio renderer not available anymore, after Aero has been disabled by MPC-HC General nightly, specify Bug new 2010-05-16
#508 No 10 bit RGB any more Video Renderers Bug armada651 assigned 2010-05-29
#540 [DXVA H264 Overlay] Extra repeated lines of pixels at the bottom for some H264 mkv content using DXVA and Overlay renderer General 1.3.1249 Bug new 2010-06-17
#542 Colour Controls fail to respond with ATI Radeon HD 4200 driver General Bug new 2010-06-18
#580 Keys - App Command (Remote Control) not working as expected. General nightly, specify Bug new 2010-07-15
#644 Deinterlace BOB Bug General nightly, specify Bug kinddragon assigned 2010-08-16
#681 Subtitles should be placed higher when show controls in Full sceen is enabled General Bug new 2010-08-24
#691 Save filters settings in .ini instead of only in the registry General Bug new 2010-08-27
#1415 Disable seekbar shadow User Interface Bug underground78 accepted 2011-06-06
#1629 D3d fullscreen with 10bit colour only works on first mpc launch General Bug janwillem32 assigned 2011-08-03
#1667 Sometimes MPC hangs completely General Bug janwillem32 assigned 2011-08-15
#1698 Image Stuttering General Bug janwillem32 accepted 2011-08-29
#1747 Black background in SWF files General nightly, specify Bug evaluated 2011-09-19
#1808 EVR-CP fails to load/render under certain circumstances General nightly, specify Bug janwillem32 accepted 2011-10-20
#2099 Remember the options tree state if possible General Bug new 2012-03-24
#3956 If Alt+Enter key sent to the window with class=MediaPlayerClassicW, menu bar stays visible User Interface nightly, specify Bug alexmarsev accepted 2014-01-19
#4341 Adjust auto-zoom logic General 1.7.5 Bug alexmarsev accepted 2014-05-13
#5036 Subtitles rendered slowly Subtitles nightly, specify Bug kasper93 assigned 2014-11-02
#44 recognize growth of current video / play until EOF General Feature Request assigned 2009-10-31
#55 quick favorite General Feature Request jonasno assigned 2009-11-05
#62 [EVR-CP]Add automatic switching between 601 and 709 based on input resolution General Feature Request evaluated 2009-11-13
#316 Use QT for the gui, this simplifies translations, enables skinning and provides a small speed bonus General Feature Request new 2010-02-28
#323 Add support for replaygain values in the audioswitcher/audiorenderer Audio Switcher Feature Request new 2010-03-01
#338 Sync display to video when PowerStrip doesn't work. General Feature Request new 2010-03-04
#352 Debander General Feature Request new 2010-03-10
#354 Add DLL file for detecting graphics card capabilities General Feature Request new 2010-03-10
#359 Change the "Go To" window properties General nightly, specify Feature Request new 2010-03-13
#366 Merge Title Bar And Menu Bar And Replace With Application Tab General Feature Request new 2010-03-19
#368 Make Background Of Player Controls Transparent. General Feature Request new 2010-03-19
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