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alexmarsev (1 match)

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#3956 If Alt+Enter key sent to the window with class=MediaPlayerClassicW, menu bar stays visible User Interface Bug 2014-01-19

Hi. This is regression in MPC-HC recent nightly versions (f.e. in v1.7.1.376), works normally before "auto-hide controls in fullscreen" set of changes. If some keyboard emulation program (namely, remote control) send Alt+Enter hotkey (to go fullscreen) to the window class=MediaPlayerClassicW, fullscreen on (and off) toggled normally, but menu bar remains visible in fullscreen. Menu bar can be hidden manually afterwards by pressing Alt key on normal keyboard, so it looks like "sticking" Alt. This is rare IR depended remote control program, so I see no obvious way to reproduce it for you. It never happens by pressing Alt+Enter on normal keyboard when MPC-HC window is active (perhaps because active window is not so precise targeting as class=MediaPlayerClassicW or because some additional key up/down events).

armada651 (1 match)

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#2602 "Launch files in fullscreen" works only if MPC-HC is closed General Bug 2012-09-15

Tested using MPC-HC x64 only.

  1. Check "Launch files in fullscreen"
  2. Check "Exit fullscreen at end of playback"
  3. Close MPC-HC
  4. Open video file
  5. Video opens in MPC-HC in fullscreen
  6. Wait for video to finish and fullscreen to exit
  7. Double-click another video file
  8. File opens in existing MPC-HC window and resizes it to fit, but does not switch to fullscreen

System info:

Windows 7 64bit SP1 Intel Core 2 Duo E8600 VTX Radeon 5870 1GB BenQ 241W - DVI Gigabit EP45-DS3L BIOS F11 8GB DDR2 Asus Xonar DX Corsair CMPSU-850AXUK Professional Series Gold 850W Power Supply

kasper93 (2 matches)

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#5393 Poor quality subtitle scaling with the ISR Subtitles Bug 2015-04-20

When compared to using external xy-vsfilter.

When using "Video" subtitle resolution (and fullscreening something that does need scaling, e.g. 1280x720 -> 1920x1080) subtitle scaling is noticably worse when using the ISR compared to an external xy-vsfilter. This is probably most noticable when using a better quality renderer like madVR (e.g. jinc3ar luma/chroma) or EVR-CP (with bicubic).

Although this may be considered a feature request I would still view it as a bug if the ISR is expected to be used in place of an external xy-vsfilter.

#5838 RTL sentences lacks directionality Subtitles Bug 2016-05-10

As MPC-HC uses vsFilter (or any other mods of it), all the Arabic and Persian sentences get wrong ordering. For example, A sentence which the full stop should appear at the end of it (right side) appears at the beginning (left side). I've attached some examples. Let me know if something is still ambiguous! :)

Note: In libASS, the style encoding (last parameter in the ssa file) determines if the lines should have RTL or LTR direction or not. 177 and 178 are for Hebrew and Arabic, so it may be a good place to start with!

Underground78 (1 match)

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#1415 Disable seekbar shadow User Interface Bug 2011-06-06

In version 3188 the seekbar now has a box which shows timepoint your mouse is on. I have a windows7 system and windows xp system. On the xp system there is a heavy black background created by the box which I don't want to see. The only way to fix problem on xp is to use one of the renderless mode but I don't use that mode because vmr7-windowed works best on the xp system.

I think the shadow should just be removed completely because it adds very little when it works like on windows7 but it ruins the video like on windows xp.

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