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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#5298 crashes, unresponsive keys General nightly, specify Bug evaluated 2015-03-01
#5258 Some Tooltips on Subtitles Online Search User Interface nightly, specify Feature Request new 2015-02-08
#5248 Scroll wheel volume acting differently depending on location of cursor (Windows 10 (9926)) User Interface nightly, specify Bug evaluated 2015-01-31

Milestone (47 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#3182 Latest version of Media Player Classic does not deinterlace HDV video correctly General Bug new 2013-05-30
#3358 Splitting subtitle languages in SMI file type General Bug new 2013-08-09
#3174 4:3 Center Cut Cropping View (Feature Request) General Feature Request new 2013-05-26
#3301 Multi Audio Track Selection While Playing Video General Feature Request new 2013-07-16
#3325 Save Resume/Playback Info in text file General Feature Request new 2013-07-23
#5080 mpc-hc plug-ins like foobar. General Feature Request new 2014-11-20
#30 [MPEG] Video is mistaken for audio General Bug assigned 2009-10-29
#65 [ALL] Enabling subtitles causes stuttering General Bug evaluated 2009-11-13
#80 [playlist] Change the behaviour of "Shuffle" so that it also enables "repeat all" General Bug underground78 accepted 2009-11-13
#83 [DVD navigator] DVD menu highlighting not present General Bug evaluated 2009-11-13
#86 [DVD navigator] EVR-CP DVD Menu Lag / Freezes General Bug evaluated 2009-11-13
#108 [MPEG] vob skip + audio out of sync at cell junction General Bug assigned 2009-11-13
#110 [VMR] Enabling Mixer mode causes frames to be disarranged General Bug evaluated 2009-11-13
#114 [DVD navigator] DVD Menus with next/previous (THX Optimizer) General Bug evaluated 2009-11-13
#119 [External] basevideofilter changes in r339 and r1096 break Vertical Padding Option General Bug new 2009-11-13
#121 [DVD navigator] Button for "DVD Menu Activate" on keyboard failes to work General Bug evaluated 2009-11-13
#149 Can't turn off internal QuickTime processing and use external QuickTime DirectShow Source Filter instead. General Bug evaluated 2009-11-28
#268 Higher cpu usage when playing specific subtitle format [.sub] Subtitles Bug evaluated 2010-02-09
#364 Media Player Classic - Home Cinema and SRS Sandbox General Bug new 2010-03-18
#508 No 10 bit RGB any more Video Renderers Bug armada651 assigned 2010-05-29
#542 Colour Controls fail to respond with ATI Radeon HD 4200 driver General Bug new 2010-06-18
#681 Subtitles should be placed higher when show controls in Full sceen is enabled General Bug new 2010-08-24
#691 Save filters settings in .ini instead of only in the registry General Bug new 2010-08-27
#701 MPCInfo doesn't work General Bug evaluated 2010-08-30
#1076 Problem with associations General Bug new 2011-01-14
#1244 File associations not persistent across reboots General Bug new 2011-03-25
#1245 MPC Hangs when back-frame is used on some files. General Bug new 2011-03-25
#1506 D3D fullscreen and subtitles General Bug evaluated 2011-07-09
#3104 PlayList - Stream doesn't work from batch file General Bug evaluated 2013-04-29
#3108 substantial volume increase, after moving seek bar position back General Bug new 2013-04-30
#3119 saturation "bug" on atom with gma 500 General Bug evaluated 2013-05-05
#3134 Access to DVD reader General Bug new 2013-05-11
#3150 Windows7 several users problem with memory. General Bug evaluated 2013-05-18
#3170 No video comes up! General Bug evaluated 2013-05-25
#3187 Problem to play a viedo General Bug evaluated 2013-06-01
#3220 media player classic-home could not render some of pins in the graph you may not have the needed codecs or filters instaled on the system General Bug evaluated 2013-06-14
#3222 Updating Media Player General Bug evaluated 2013-06-14
#3247 you / MPC asked me to upload the upload ... General Bug evaluated 2013-06-23
#3349 MPC-HC requires UAC elevation for changing file associations and can't change file associations of regular user General Bug new 2013-08-03
#3385 Subtitle bug General Bug evaluated 2013-08-19
#3467 v1.7.0.7807 misbehaves in low memory conditions General Bug new 2013-09-14
#3739 Initialization issues related to mhook General Bug underground78 new 2013-11-18
#31 [VSFilter] don't load if specified filter is present in the graph. General Feature Request new 2009-10-29
#35 [DVD NAVIGATOR] Skip DVD intros General Feature Request new 2009-10-29
#38 [ALL] Optimize selection order of sub/dub/menu and add global preferred language and quality selection General Feature Request evaluated 2009-10-30
#42 Detachable controls, seek bar and status User Interface Feature Request new 2009-10-31
#43 [PLAYLIST] Option to automatically add to Playlist in Alphabetical Order User Interface Feature Request new 2009-10-31
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