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#1584 mpc-hc gradually restores its default shortcuts General Bug evaluated 2011-07-28
#1590 Should not display subtitle if no default track flag set General nightly, specify Bug new 2011-07-29
#1629 D3d fullscreen with 10bit colour only works on first mpc launch General Bug Jan-Willem Krans assigned 2011-08-03
#1633 Incorrect background color of some Flash (SWF) file General Bug new 2011-08-04
#1641 gpu runs at full clock even when playback paused General Bug evaluated 2011-08-07
#1650 D3D Fullscreen Bug and system hang General Bug new 2011-08-09
#1652 UI inconsistencies User Interface Bug assigned 2011-08-09
#1660 MPC malfunction with Windows voice recognition listening. General Bug new 2011-08-12
#1667 Sometimes MPC hangs completely General Bug Jan-Willem Krans assigned 2011-08-15
#1687 Capture mode General Bug evaluated 2011-08-23
#1688 Explorer context menu bug General Bug evaluated 2011-08-23
#1698 Image Stuttering General Bug Jan-Willem Krans accepted 2011-08-29
#1700 Prevent burn-in option General Bug new 2011-08-29
#1704 Media Player Classic crashes when starting it in Windows 7 General Bug evaluated 2011-08-31
#1713 Buzz after closing MPC or hitting stop General Bug new 2011-09-05
#1719 MPC-HC cannot play some audio CDs, giving message "File not found" General Bug evaluated 2011-09-08
#1720 DVB-s bda device / problems while opening General Bug new 2011-09-08
#1723 Logitech Gaming KB-Drivers & MPC output artifacts General Bug new 2011-09-09
#1724 Problem playing a movie from the directory of a large disk General Bug new 2011-09-09
#1725 Buffer progress no longer showed when paused. General Bug new 2011-09-09
#1731 Add rotate to PnS presets General nightly, specify Bug new 2011-09-11
#1736 Inverted playback General nightly, specify Bug new 2011-09-13
#1745 MPC-HC very slow and 100% cpu General Bug new 2011-09-18
#1746 Odd (distortion?) (digitizing?) issue with HD content General Bug new 2011-09-18
#1747 Black background in SWF files General nightly, specify Bug evaluated 2011-09-19
#1748 MPC-HC doesn't hibernate properly General nightly, specify Bug new 2011-09-20
#1755 VMR-9 renderless with Mixing mode only has one input pin General Bug new 2011-09-23
#1756 Internal Mpeg-2 Decoder cc/line 21 out pin never connects to the Line 21 Decoder General Bug new 2011-09-23
#1758 With EVR-CP a corrupt image gets displayed on player open. General nightly, specify Bug new 2011-09-23
#1759 When EVR is used with DVD seeking causes MPC-HC to hang General nightly, specify Bug new 2011-09-23
#1760 Corrupt video when VMR-9 windowed is used with internal MPEG-2 decoder and YV12 with set out interlaced General nightly, specify Bug new 2011-09-23
#1764 Unable to seek when play separate video and audio file General Bug new 2011-09-24
#1773 Subtitles doesn't work with external audio and Haali Video Renderer General nightly, specify Bug new 2011-09-30
#1793 "Media Player Classic - Home Cinema has stopped responding" when switching user General Bug new 2011-10-10
#1794 mkv video breakup General Bug new 2011-10-10
#1808 EVR-CP fails to load/render under certain circumstances General nightly, specify Bug Jan-Willem Krans accepted 2011-10-20
#1809 MPC-HC crashes opening files on DVD-R General Bug new 2011-10-20
#1810 MPC-HC doesn't permit editing label after upgrade to 1.5.3 General nightly, specify Bug new 2011-10-21
#1813 change setting for [organize favorites] window General Bug new 2011-10-23
#1819 Monitor auto switching no longer works General nightly, specify Bug new 2011-10-26
#1821 Thread handle leak in CBaseSplitterFilter and/or its pins General Bug new 2011-10-27
#1835 Compatibility problem with UltraVNC General Bug new 2011-11-05
#1844 video player leaves fullscreen mode at random General Bug evaluated 2011-11-09
#1850 Video Won't output to TV General Bug new 2011-11-13
#1853 Incorrect AAC bitrate General Bug new 2011-11-16
#1854 MP4 files: No audio, too high video rate General Bug new 2011-11-17
#1856 Better handle of partially downloaded videos General Bug new 2011-11-18
#1864 Jump Forward is gimpy General Bug new 2011-11-22
#1865 MP3 jumping General Bug evaluated 2011-11-22
#1892 When SRT saved as ASS, some parameters of style "Default" set to zero General nightly, specify Bug new 2011-12-09
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