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#1190 MPC-HC v1.5.0.2827 Open Device General Bug new 2011-03-01
#1217 Monitor Command Line Switch past 5 General Bug new 2011-03-15
#1241 MPC crashes opening VIDEO_TS.IFO from a DVD files structure General Bug new 2011-03-24
#1244 File associations not persistent across reboots General Bug new 2011-03-25
#1245 MPC Hangs when back-frame is used on some files. General Bug new 2011-03-25
#1254 Freeze when disconnected network share exists General Bug new 2011-03-29
#1255 Can't turn off Deinterlacer filter General Bug evaluated 2011-03-30
#1259 EVR Custom Renderer 24Hz General Bug new 2011-03-31
#1261 Capture device settings aren't applied and saved General 1.4.2499 Bug new 2011-04-01
#1266 Stuttered playback on all versions after excluded General Bug new 2011-04-02
#1271 Another program disabling Aero causes MPC-HC to freeze General Bug evaluated 2011-04-05
#1272 Remove the pause before playing next file General Bug new 2011-04-05
#1278 PnP lock on WinXP32 after reading CSS from Video DVD General Bug new 2011-04-08
#1279 old bug in media player home cinema 32bit/64bit General Bug new 2011-04-10
#1288 Angle view incorrect after jump General Bug new 2011-04-17
#1314 Subtitles in MKS don't autoload General Bug new 2011-05-02
#1326 How to change hand mouse pointer to default arrow mouse pointer always? General Bug new 2011-05-12
#1338 Jerky 24p playback untill I bring up a dialogue box General Bug new 2011-05-19
#1344 mpchc won't start General Bug new 2011-05-20
#1363 Seek bar mouseover General Bug new 2011-05-26
#1367 auto-hide seek bar in "Hide Caption & Menu" or "Frame Only" mode. General Bug new 2011-05-27
#1370 Taskbar tumbnail preview not working when MPC minimized. User Interface Bug new 2011-05-28
#1374 Getting Green Bar Color Ghosting using Autochange 24HZ General nightly, specify Bug new 2011-05-29
#1376 Problems in "fast forward" mode General Bug new 2011-05-30
#1386 Reduced Image Quality... General Bug evaluated 2011-05-31
#1393 Stuck on framestep! General Bug evaluated 2011-06-03
#1399 ASF Support? General nightly, specify Bug evaluated 2011-06-04
#1401 Video Starts Paused General Bug evaluated 2011-06-05
#1403 UAC Options Window not on top General Bug new 2011-06-05
#1415 Disable seekbar shadow User Interface Bug underground78 accepted 2011-06-06
#1434 Problems using DirectShow and RealMediaSplitter General Bug new 2011-06-13
#1439 MPC sometimes forgets its place in a DVD that has been played General nightly, specify Bug new 2011-06-14
#1448 After Playback|Lock: Bug General nightly, specify Bug new 2011-06-16
#1466 subtitles loose sync anytime seek bar or remote FF or RW is used General nightly, specify Bug new 2011-06-23
#1467 Snapshot jumps ahead instead of saving current frame General nightly, specify Bug reopened 2011-06-24
#1477 Hangs when opening OGM properties when using Haali Media Splitter General Bug new 2011-06-30
#1479 Problem with subtitles size General nightly, specify Bug new 2011-06-30
#1485 MPC-HC Freezing with Playlist General Bug new 2011-07-01
#1490 Status bar message when jump forward past end General Bug new 2011-07-03
#1506 D3D fullscreen and subtitles General Bug evaluated 2011-07-09
#1508 Launch Files in Fullscreen Via User Interface Does Not Work General Bug assigned 2011-07-10
#1512 EDL (Edit List Editor) does not function General Bug evaluated 2011-07-11
#1520 Status bar time error at end of video General Bug new 2011-07-14
#1541 No OSD message for all functions General Bug new 2011-07-20
#1545 MPC-HC crashes Logitech Gaming Software 8.0 General Bug new 2011-07-21
#1547 MIDI: Why Unknown [Out] General nightly, specify Bug new 2011-07-22
#1548 MIDI: Volume control inoperative General nightly, specify Bug evaluated 2011-07-22
#1567 Media Player Classic and middle mouse button issue General Bug new 2011-07-25
#1582 Subtitle switching freeze with Haali General nightly, specify Bug new 2011-07-27
#1583 somehow avisynth with graphedit files fails. General Bug new 2011-07-27
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