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#1821 Thread handle leak in CBaseSplitterFilter and/or its pins General Bug new 2011-10-27
#1732 Toggle PnS presets General Patch new 2011-09-11
#1393 Stuck on framestep! General Bug evaluated 2011-06-03
#2945 MPC-HC hangs on loading an *.m3u file with more than one http:// url inside General Bug evaluated 2013-03-02
#3504 Subtitles goes off sync when rate is changed Subtitles 1.6.8 Bug evaluated 2013-09-26
#3521 CMD_GETSUBTITLETRACKS and CMD_GETAUDIOTRACKS don't work with LavFilter or DvdNavigator API 1.7.0 Bug assigned 2013-09-30
#3850 Next/Previous Subtitle Commands doesn't sync Subtitles 1.7.1 Bug assigned 2013-12-13
#4352 Prog crashes when is running and i change from laptop to TV General Bug evaluated 2014-05-17
#4445 Delete File ' Move to Recycle Bin 24044 - MPC Forgets Directory General Bug evaluated 2014-06-23
#4885 Grey out "Report pins which fail to render" when D3D mode is enabled General Bug new 2014-09-21
#1445 Request to change/disable a few default key bindings General Feature Request new 2011-06-16
#1498 Start playback of the recent movie with keyboard and menu, after startup General Feature Request new 2011-07-05
#1859 Sets/separate - default window size General Feature Request new 2011-11-20
#3436 Option to use volume normalize only for video files. General Feature Request new 2013-09-06
#3729 Save playback state when closing, and resume on the next startup. General Feature Request new 2013-11-16
#3921 Maximum texture resolution Subtitles 1.7.1 Feature Request evaluated 2014-01-07
#4122 Backport: Enable dragging and dropping of subtitles to utilize non-ISR renderers Subtitles nightly, specify Feature Request assigned 2014-03-09
#4528 Support of RAR5 archivetype also. General Feature Request new 2014-07-05
#30 [MPEG] Video is mistaken for audio General Bug assigned 2009-10-29
#114 [DVD navigator] DVD Menus with next/previous (THX Optimizer) General Bug evaluated 2009-11-13
#119 [External] basevideofilter changes in r339 and r1096 break Vertical Padding Option General Bug new 2009-11-13
#121 [DVD navigator] Button for "DVD Menu Activate" on keyboard failes to work General Bug evaluated 2009-11-13
#268 Higher cpu usage when playing specific subtitle format [.sub] Subtitles Bug evaluated 2010-02-09
#308 [PLAYLIST] Color Scheme Clash with the Playlist User Interface 1.7.9 Bug new 2010-02-25
#436 Navigation jump bug! General 1.3.1249 Bug new 2010-04-18
#580 Keys - App Command (Remote Control) not working as expected. General nightly, specify Bug new 2010-07-15
#644 Deinterlace BOB Bug General nightly, specify Bug kinddragon assigned 2010-08-16
#681 Subtitles should be placed higher when show controls in Full sceen is enabled General Bug new 2010-08-24
#691 Save filters settings in .ini instead of only in the registry General Bug new 2010-08-27
#982 Alt-Enter General Bug new 2010-12-15
#1080 MPC-HC hanging when clicking on File menu after end of playback General Bug reopened 2011-01-16
#1102 Add to MPC-HC Playlist context menu option imports at random General 1.4.2499 Bug new 2011-01-28
#1217 Monitor Command Line Switch past 5 General Bug new 2011-03-15
#1255 Can't turn off Deinterlacer filter General Bug evaluated 2011-03-30
#1259 EVR Custom Renderer 24Hz General Bug new 2011-03-31
#1261 Capture device settings aren't applied and saved General Bug new 2011-04-01
#1288 Angle view incorrect after jump General Bug new 2011-04-17
#1367 auto-hide seek bar in "Hide Caption & Menu" or "Frame Only" mode. General Bug new 2011-05-27
#1403 UAC Options Window not on top General Bug new 2011-06-05
#1415 Disable seekbar shadow User Interface Bug Underground78 accepted 2011-06-06
#1439 MPC sometimes forgets its place in a DVD that has been played General nightly, specify Bug new 2011-06-14
#1448 After Playback|Lock: Bug General nightly, specify Bug new 2011-06-16
#1466 subtitles loose sync anytime seek bar or remote FF or RW is used General nightly, specify Bug evaluated 2011-06-23
#1467 Snapshot jumps ahead instead of saving current frame General nightly, specify Bug reopened 2011-06-24
#1520 Status bar time error at end of video General Bug new 2011-07-14
#1541 No OSD message for all functions General Bug new 2011-07-20
#1545 MPC-HC crashes Logitech Gaming Software 8.0 General Bug reopened 2011-07-21
#1629 D3d fullscreen with 10bit colour only works on first mpc launch General Bug Jan-Willem Krans assigned 2011-08-03
#1652 UI inconsistencies User Interface Bug assigned 2011-08-09
#1687 Capture mode General Bug evaluated 2011-08-23
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