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#3436 Option to use volume normalize only for video files. General Feature Request new 2013-09-06
#3729 Save playback state when closing, and resume on the next startup. General Feature Request new 2013-11-16
#30 [MPEG] Video is mistaken for audio General Bug assigned 2009-10-29
#114 [DVD navigator] DVD Menus with next/previous (THX Optimizer) General Bug evaluated 2009-11-13
#119 [External] basevideofilter changes in r339 and r1096 break Vertical Padding Option General Bug new 2009-11-13
#121 [DVD navigator] Button for "DVD Menu Activate" on keyboard failes to work General Bug evaluated 2009-11-13
#129 [Security][Stability] Pass all the Microsoft Application Verifier tests General Bug new 2009-11-16
#130 [Logo] MPC-HC should pass all the windows 7 logo tests/requirements General Bug new 2009-11-16
#268 Higher cpu usage when playing specific subtitle format [.sub] Subtitles Bug evaluated 2010-02-09
#681 Subtitles should be placed higher when show controls in Full sceen is enabled General Bug new 2010-08-24
#691 Save filters settings in .ini instead of only in the registry General Bug new 2010-08-27
#43 [PLAYLIST] Option to automatically add to Playlist in Alphabetical Order User Interface Feature Request new 2009-10-31
#44 recognize growth of current video / play until EOF General Feature Request assigned 2009-10-31
#62 [EVR-CP]Add automatic switching between 601 and 709 based on input resolution General Feature Request evaluated 2009-11-13
#160 Please add ability to display the Lyrics information of any audio file. General Feature Request evaluated 2009-12-10
#205 [Interface] Dark style User Interface Feature Request new 2010-01-08
#273 Relative seeking of video length User Interface Feature Request new 2010-02-11
#279 Replace the file icons with improved versions General Feature Request new 2010-02-14
#280 Annoying behavior from Options/Formats... User Interface Feature Request new 2010-02-14
#297 Add New hotkey function to increase/decrease subtitle font size Subtitles Feature Request evaluated 2010-02-21
#299 More control over subtitles position User Interface Feature Request new 2010-02-22
#309 Option to/Completely remove Windows 7 superbar overlay icon General Feature Request new 2010-02-25
#320 Why can't I program a button to scale 16:9 TV in MPC-HC? General Feature Request new 2010-03-01
#323 Add support for replaygain values in the audioswitcher/audiorenderer Audio Switcher Feature Request new 2010-03-01
#354 Add DLL file for detecting graphics card capabilities General Feature Request new 2010-03-10
#386 MPC HC Command Line Switch for Stop/Close? General Feature Request new 2010-03-25
#427 remember pan & scan setting in favorites/bookmarks General Feature Request new 2010-04-16
#441 PLAYLIST Favorites/Section! General Feature Request new 2010-04-22
#452 Support for XSUB subtitles Subtitles Feature Request evaluated 2010-04-30
#500 AB-Repeat General Feature Request new 2010-05-26
#530 Add /loop command line argument General Feature Request new 2010-06-13
#568 Show closed captions (CCs)/subtitles from MPEG-2 and TS General Feature Request new 2010-07-04
#577 Disctrete AR Preset commands (via Options->Player->Keys) General Feature Request new 2010-07-11
#605 Activate/don't_activate MPC-HC window when opening/adding_to_playlist an audio file via Windows Explorer General Feature Request new 2010-08-07
#608 Navigation menu hotkey wanted General Feature Request new 2010-08-08
#639 command line option to generate thumbnails General Feature Request new 2010-08-15
#792 Support HTML entities in subtitles Subtitles Feature Request evaluated 2010-09-20
#902 Show time in OSD when playing a new video from remembered position General Feature Request new 2010-11-06
#1024 Motion interpolation General Feature Request new 2010-12-30
#1766 Skip assistant audio files when "Play next in the folder" is checked General Feature Request new 2011-09-24
#2223 Add ability to load logo.bmp as external image User Interface Feature Request new 2012-04-23
#2899 [Playlist] Option to clip to edges when detached. General Feature Request new 2013-02-06
#3198 Playlist - select multiple files? General Feature Request new 2013-06-08
#3265 Option to reset remembered file positions. General Feature Request new 2013-07-01
#3356 Add per monitor DPI awareness (Windows 8.1 API) General Feature Request assigned 2013-08-07
#3377 Display #EXTINF information of a M3U file in the playlist User Interface Feature Request new 2013-08-17
#3358 Splitting subtitle languages in SMI file type General Bug new 2013-08-09
#403 Advanced video setting and audio equalizer General Feature Request new 2010-04-07
#434 Skip to specific position General Feature Request new 2010-04-17
#495 SWF mode General Feature Request assigned 2010-05-26
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