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#30 [MPEG] Video is mistaken for audio General Bug l-w-c assigned
#43 [PLAYLIST] Option to automatically add to Playlist in Alphabetical Order User Interface Feature Request joeh12 new
#129 [Security][Stability] Pass all the Microsoft Application Verifier tests General Bug tetsuo55 new
#205 [Interface] Dark style User Interface Feature Request fratty new
#259 Incremental search (bar) in Playlist window General Feature Request efpek new
#273 Relative seeking of video length User Interface Feature Request rodrigo3 new
#279 Replace the file icons with improved versions General Feature Request tetsuo55 new
#280 Annoying behavior from Options/Formats... User Interface Feature Request tootiredtotango new
#309 Option to/Completely remove Windows 7 superbar overlay icon General Feature Request hibersasa new
#320 Why can't I program a button to scale 16:9 TV in MPC-HC? General Feature Request kdegale new
#386 MPC HC Command Line Switch for Stop/Close? General Feature Request mremulator new
#431 Display blackener for multi display use General Feature Request aaaatu new
#482 HDMI Audio renderer not available anymore, after Aero has been disabled by MPC-HC General Feature Request sunny1081 new
#518 overwrite classname via command line General Feature Request blubberhoofd new
#530 Add /loop command line argument General Feature Request baal80 new
#573 Add option to control screen saver/power settings on monitor while playing General Feature Request ruler2112 new
#577 Disctrete AR Preset commands (via Options->Player->Keys) General Feature Request nightfly85 new
#580 Keys - App Command (Remote Control) not working as expected. General nightly, specify Bug navossoc new
#604 Remove need for mouse to switch player and playlist focus General nightly, specify Feature Request fvisagie new
#605 Activate/don't_activate MPC-HC window when opening/adding_to_playlist an audio file via Windows Explorer General Feature Request yogosa new
#608 Navigation menu hotkey wanted General Feature Request woxxom new
#681 Subtitles should be placed higher when show controls in Full sceen is enabled General Bug xhmikosr new
#736 subtitles become invisible when changing chapter in BRD General Bug tchenio new
#793 mpc-hc.exe /pause General Feature Request digitallf new
#801 Use dual Graph scheme General Feature Request sindrowned new
#806 allow multiple actions assigned to input events General Feature Request stax76 new
#813 Auto-Create a Buffer for incoming UDP stream General Bug martisger new
#814 Web-Interface /status.html: buffer size and status WebUI nightly, specify Feature Request martisger evaluated
#821 Shift Subs Up/Down HotKeys General 1.4.2499 Feature Request cainxxx new
#834 MPC-HC should keep the selected audio-track across videofiles in the playlist General Feature Request xm1 new
#875 Unable to play music on Enhanced CDs General Bug parasytic new
#886 [dvb] video frame shown after switching to radio channel General Bug visitory new
#887 [dvb] focus issue after changing channel General nightly, specify Bug visitory new
#892 [dvb] EPG shows 'info not available' regularly General nightly, specify Bug visitory new
#894 Custom channel mapping does NOT stick (it's ignored) General Bug mercury_22 new
#897 [dvb] encrypted channel / MultiDec API support General Feature Request visitory new
#900 [dvb] full EPG gui General Feature Request visitory new
#902 Show time in OSD when playing a new video from remembered position General Feature Request woxxom new
#909 Unable to get MPC-HC to see my two old Air2PC-ATSC-PCI HDTV tuner cards. General Feature Request antdude new
#922 Re: #833 user is able to assign multiple commands to a key sequence General Feature Request brunojim new
#942 Add key to enable and disable the 'Normalize' feature General 1.4.2499 Feature Request mrduck new
#943 Add crude file browsing capability General 1.4.2499 Feature Request mrduck new
#947 slow source may block player UI for long time General 1.4.2499 Feature Request woxxom new
#956 Need a duration setting for pictures General 1.4.2499 Feature Request michael5000 new
#984 MPC HC Lacks 2.39:1 Aspect ratio. General Feature Request innomen new
#1012 Request for tabbed visualizer and playlist General Feature Request boroda74 new
#1066 Two audio tracks can be played simultaneously General Feature Request axy new
#1078 Tabbed and vertical toolbars/panels support General 1.4.2499 Feature Request goldart_geo new
#1086 Album name/path shown in the playlist General 1.4.2499 Feature Request johseg new
#1112 >> Crossfading effect (Fade in/Fade out) on audio Playlist? General Feature Request lerouxjul new
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