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#5657 Command for Muting Audio on Launch ? Feature Request highest General 1.7.9
#3475 OPEN MULTI mpc with only the screen Feature Request high User Interface
#4112 The subtitle setting on Default track preference not work clsid2 Bug high General
#4532 MPC-HC choose the wrong subtilte track Bug high Subtitles
#5036 Subtitles rendered slowly kasper93 Bug high Subtitles
#5494 Add MXF in file extensions list alexmarsev Feature Request high General
#5551 Playlist Problem with non-asci characters or unicode (like : persian , arabic) Bug high General 1.7.9
#5856 Internal Audio Renderer not bypassing Windows mixer in WASAPI Exclusive Bug high General
#6251 Sanear regression kasper93 Bug high General
#2539 Subtitle download windows on primary monitor Bug normal General
#5729 Improve Gaussian blur implementation. kasper93 Task normal Subtitles
#5991 Volume as command line option Feature Request normal User Interface 1.7.10
#6257 cannot build MPC-HC with VS2015 kasper93 Bug normal General 1.7.11
#6258 latest nightly Bug normal User Interface nightly, specify

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#6394 Add Lyrics information of audios files (mp3) Feature Request high Subtitles 1.7.11

Resolution: support (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#6343 subtitles and zoom to Ultra-Widescreen Bug normal Subtitles 1.7.11
#6446 Autopicking a specific subtitle track Feature Request low Subtitles 1.7.11
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