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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1732 Toggle PnS presets new Patch highest
#1765 New Command added to Pilot API - CMD_SETDVDTITLEPOS new Patch highest
#1821 Thread handle leak in CBaseSplitterFilter and/or its pins new Bug highest
#2030 More reliable WM_COPYDATA IPC new Patch highest
#2307 CDXAReader patch reviewing Patch highest
#2308 TextFile.cpp patch reviewing Patch highest
#5852 You can't navigate to prev / next video after you delete current video new Feature Request highest
#5877 Screenshot replace file new Bug highest
#5905 "IDS_INTERNAL_LAVF_WMV" is missing line breaks new Bug highest
#6013 Locking of files new Feature Request highest
#6456 Dont work m3u playlists new Bug highest
#6468 Can't normal play, some files new Bug highest
#6473 Big bug on my computer with Media Player Classic and/or K-Lite Codec Pack installed. new Bug highest
#6480 AC3 and DTS audio volume can't be changed from the MPC-HC's volume bar. new Feature Request highest
#6483 Not Playing Videos ( All Format ) new Bug highest
#6489 Access Violation new Bug highest
#6490 bug open with new Bug highest
#6500 Stopped Working new Bug highest
#6502 Can use MPC as default app new Bug highest
#6504 Show windows in parallel with hidden edges new Bug highest
#6538 Selecting different language track when watching blu-ray using OVERLAY decoder freezes media player. new Bug highest
#6544 Click on "File" menu item takes 10 seconds new Bug highest next release
#6565 Always downloading the same, wrong subtitles. new Bug highest next release
#6589 DVD: Invalid Disc Region new Bug highest next LAV Filters release
#6614 THUMBNAIL NOT SHOWING new Bug highest
#6645 Subtitles Parser Integer Overflow Vulnerability new Bug highest
#6661 How to play an album in the correct numerical order? new Bug highest
#6667 download1music new Bug highest next release
#6668 File Playback Not Working Properly: new Bug highest
#6682 please delete my account new Task highest
#1393 Stuck on framestep! evaluated Bug high
#1445 Request to change/disable a few default key bindings new Feature Request high
#1498 Start playback of the recent movie with keyboard and menu, after startup new Feature Request high
#1859 Sets/separate - default window size new Feature Request high
#2245 Prevent rubbish in the playlist. new Feature Request high
#2314 enhancing analog tuner function new Feature Request high
#2491 Bundle toolbar images inside executable evaluated bobdynlan Planned Feature high
#2579 Repeat, Rewind and "Play Next in Folder" conflict with eachother new Bug high
#2602 "Launch files in fullscreen" works only if MPC-HC is closed accepted armada651 Bug high
#2632 Starting MPC-HC with a playlist argument and one instance option causes error. new Bug high
#2643 CommandLine Switch /regvid won't enable Autoplay new Bug high
#2654 Doesn't inform you when keyboard shortcut for a command is already in use new Bug high
#2705 MPC-HC stops playing when moved from one monitor to another, restart required evaluated Bug high
#2726 control of the vertical position of subtitles new Feature Request high
#2760 Video rendering breaks moving window between monitors with color management enabled new Bug high
#2888 Play/Pause doesn't work in closed state new Feature Request high
#2945 MPC-HC hangs on loading an *.m3u file with more than one http:// url inside evaluated Bug high
#3436 Option to use volume normalize only for video files. new Feature Request high
#3504 Subtitles goes off sync when rate is changed evaluated Bug high
#3521 CMD_GETSUBTITLETRACKS and CMD_GETAUDIOTRACKS don't work with LavFilter or DvdNavigator assigned Bug high
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